Tjejlöpning flyttad till torsdag!

Löpträningen som skulle hållas onsdag 24/5 flyttad till torsdag 25/5 kl 18.30 – 19.30.

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  2. Hi Abbie – budget problems or not, getting word to news outlets is free and most love local campaigns such as this. If you hear of it earlier next year, let me know and I’ll help spread the word on my blog and at the local farm stand I frequent in my town … I don’t think they knew about this ‘campaign’ either.

  3. … en daarom zal het uiteindelijk ook tot niets lijden als het op grote schaal toegepast wordt. Sterker nog, je kunt je de luxe van in jezelf investeren enkel permitteren als er anderen zijn die de infrastructuur voor je regelen. Anders heb je niet eens een matras om op te luieren.

  4. Bravo, Charlotte! I can so relate–food certainly was my god, my idol. Thinking about it, planning for it, stressing about it. ACK! I never “dieted”, but I’ve been in a few programs that were weight and calorie focused and I HATED it!And you know me–if it’s all about losing “weight”, then I’m out of the running! LOL! I’m so grateful for T-Tapp and for a sane view of eating that nourishes us and can even delight us, but doesn’t have to *consume* us!!!HUGS!Trisch

  5. I am as red as a tomato and grinning over here! Thanks so much.You’re a writer I admire as well–I might be good at plot, but I could never come up with the kind of whimsical tales you’re best at. I don’t think you ever have to fear losing enthusiastic readers for your make-believe.

  6. I agree, I dont even think ruxin is that BAD. This is supposed to be (and most of the time is) a show about regular flawed people and the awfulness this fantasy football league brings out in them, its strayed from that premise (and remained hilarious) but the characters are still the same ones

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  9. Ah ben là! Il va falloir que je participe plus au bla-bla et laisser plus qu’un seul commentaire par article… Euh tu livres au Québec?Ainsi, dans deux semaines le test du D600? Super! De toute façon, je ne suis pas pressé car j’économise pour! (et le prix me semble encore un chouya trop élevé).Ce n’est pas qu’un blog, mais une véritable communauté (internationale) que tu animes !Bon, assez de bla-bla et j’espère que mon commentaire ne sortira pas avec un avatar déprimé lol

  10. Há. O defice externo ainda não foi objecto de revisão séria por parte das entidades competentes para assumir um valor fixo, e decretado, mais de acordo com os outros indicadores. Enfim, é um mero lapso que será, certamente, corrigido muito em breve.

  11. 08/11/2012 – 7:12pmBueno, entiendo que se puedan sacar las cosas de quicio en el partido cntra el Granada, por que ahi si habia “algo”, pero aqui? es que no ahi ni palabras ni nada. Es como si cogiesen cualquier otra jugada y dijeran: mira, Navas ha tirado y Negredo se le ha quedado mirando… Y?

  12. Shuck, del Williams College, se sorprende, no por la predicción de camping del fin del mundo, sino porque la gente cree al locutor de radio en todo, sobre todo desde que el fracaso de mayo no fue el primero. Camping ya había predicho la segunda venida de Cristo en 1994.

  13. My only (and probably logical) reaction is; HAHAHAHA. I’m sorry but this is ridiculous, who wants to dress themselves as the Jersey Shore stars? It’s a fun programme to watch but people have to stay realistic and know that this isn’t they way you should live your life. Maybe it’s fun for a week but not any longer than that.

  14. Potser amiga Grocdefoc, el verdader viatge és el mental del abans i del després. El viatge físic pot ser decebedor, perquè s’espera una altre reacció pròpia. L’escletxa que connecta l’ara i el temps del teu avi, s’ha de trobar per la via mental: un lloc, una foto, una paraula, una reflexió…En fi: benvinguda a la realitat!Una abraçada!

  15. Gdzie jak gdzie , ale w Europie socjalizm kwitnie, a właściwie to właśnie przekwita.Genealogicznie wywieść to można z pielgrzymek opłacanych przez KGB zachodnich,lewicowych autorytetów,do ojczyzny socjalizmu i pisanych potem sążnistych artykułów opisujących bogatą ofertę życia kulturalnego w Gułagach.

  16. I rarely, if ever post comments in this type of venue, but I feel compelled to say I find this entire article ridiculous. Whoever thought to write about such trite information should realize there are much more important things to say and discuss to peers at work than this. I have never worked with professionals who would talk like this to another nurse. It almost makes me ashamed to subscribe to this magazine.

  17. you re-read my comment, the compliment was paid to Lionheart not the EDL.I have never really judged people on their academic attainments, but I would not reject the clear minds of the "half-educated" for the indoctrinated minds of the over-educated.No matter what opinion you have of the EDL the demos had an effect on the political elite – that is on the record.

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  20. Also, the summer of 2010 looms large with so many of the games best players (Dirk, Amare, Wade, Lebron, Bosh) becoming available and I think that will definitely impact what teams spend on guys now. I think teams that are trying to create cap space for next summer may stay out of the bidding on these guys entirely as they don’t want to dedicate future cap space on this current group of FA’s right now. That may further depress the market and find guys scrambling for dollars that they thought would easily be available to them this summer.

  21. jajajaja tuve que averiguar si era verdad que habíamos tenido un compañero de secundaria que se llamara Maxi! mirá vos.. ahora que te veo me pareció haberte cruzado en algún recreo….Igual te escribo para aclararte que sigo siendo la misma boba pero sin terribles tetas.. así que no deberías hablar tanto porque ahora se me llenó de nuevas solicitudes el facebook y no sé cómo explicarles que exageraste un poco…Besos Maxi ¿?

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  24. As an ex professor in Computer Science I am sad to say that your description of CS is fairly accurate. At my department the bureaucrats had all the power and the creative programmers was departing one by one due to lack of funding.I was fed up an Type Theory a decade a go. Not to mention process algebras.Oh well – my title (Dr.) makes my private letterhead looks nice.

  25. The problem I have with the Mission: Impossible movies is that they have very little to do with the tv series. I'll grant you that the beginning of the first film came close to the series, but after that, the films were reduced to a Tom Cruise ego trip.

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  28. Eu ainda estou incrédulo… o Futre!?! A sério? O Futre!?! De que lampiónica figurinha, "encornado" assumido, o Dias Ferreira se foi lembrar…Parece que o Dias Ferreira é da mesma safra do outro que disse “Estou cheio de nódoas negras, mas com vontade de apanhar mais porrada”.

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  31. Het ligt wel zeer voor de hand dat de PVV onderdeel zal uitmaken van de volgende regering. Maar dan zal de PVV compromissen moeten sluiten en andere partijen zullen niet compleet dwars moeten gaan liggen. Tijdens het einddebat bij de laatste verkiezingen viel mij op dat de VVD sowieso wel in is voor samenwerking. CDA zal weer de grootste partij worden. Dus CDA-PVV-VVD lijkt mij best mogelijk.

  32. Anon:Obviously the squirrel episode entertains you even more than me. More proof that we Americans are genetically predisposed to enjoy the hunt, but whatever means.As for your ideas about radar detection, I think they are cool. You are obviously endowed with great foresight.Tom

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  35. New follower here! Love your blog. Just wanted to say that I LOVED Babywise! It was super helpful. I tend to try to do things “like the book” so my hubby helped me not be so crazy. haha You have to read it as information and then make your plan with things you liked {or didn’t} about it.

  36. This is actually one of my favorite songs from this not-very-well-known-but-should-be musical. Linus is my favorite character and his over-analytical ways are perfectly captured in this song. But the other characterizations are also fun as you can see the many different ways someone can approach an assignment. Btw, my brother Seth played Linus wonderfully a few years back in the BRHS production.

  37. Je ne voudrais pas commettre d’impair, mais il me semble que Jean Sarkozy est le deuxième fils de Nicolas Paul Stéphane Sarközy de Nagy-Bocsa et de sa première épouse, Marie-Dominique Culioli, trop souvent oubliée, hélas.Jacques Martin n’a réussi à faire que deux filles à Cécilia (après les quatre premiers enfants qu’il a donnés à ses deux premières épouses, et avant les deux qu’il a eus avec sa quatrième).Il y a d’ailleurs (je trouve, personnellement) une ressemblance physique frappante entre Jean et Nicolas.Espérons que ça s’arrêtera là !

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  39. Mary – It looks and sounds like you and your husband had the trip of a lifetime. Awesome – in every sense of the word. I can't imagine seeing those animals up close and personal in their natural environment. Wow! Great job braving your way through the safari :) The curried potatoes look wonderful. I had a similar dish earlier in the year and found it to be especially satisfying and comforting.

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  47. Travelbugs är kul att följa. Jag har en egen som reser runt i Finland just nu. Dessutom har mina elever skickat ut fyra TB-katter. En är kvar i Sverige, men de andra tre har rest vidare till Tyskland och England. Kul för eleverna att följa dem på kartan.

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  49. Congrats to Valerie on a great prize! Being the recipient of some of your scrummy flosses already, she’s in for a real treat As for the tutorial, I can’t wait to see it with piccies too … I’m more of a visual person, so I’d love that (we never did manage to have a dyeing session before I left Melbourne boohoo) … could be my 2009 challenge!

  50. Blah. Blah. Blah. That shit is secondary right now. Bochy is going to start that long-haired freak in the playoffs? Flav, I give you credit for being one of the few “thirteen percenters” after I started the pilgrimage, but now push comes to shove.If Timmy starts the 3rd game of the NLDS. Repeat after me,WE DESERVE TO LOSE!!!

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  52. That rattlesnake is shrinking again… I thought we both remembered it as about 100 feet last time! But I'm with HermitJim… pay attention to dreams… at the least, they're your subconscious mind working to remind you of something… and every once in a while, they are inexplicably prophetic…

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  55. Well, but maybe the “definitive” version is the one to get, ie the most recent! I don’t know, the earlier one is the one I’ve known for several years. The differences are only a few lines in a sprawling whole but I really think they make a big difference. I am going to get the new one to see how it ended up, but it seems to me the earlier one is better, even putting aside the politics.

  56. As our Congress and government asserts support of these ongoing crimes, Son of Sharon writes today:“We need to flatten entire neighborhoods in Gaza. Flatten all of Gaza. The Americans didn’t stop with Hiroshima – the Japanese weren’t surrendering fast enough, so they hit Nagasaki, too.”This is the extension of the “Well the US did it to Indians argument.”I sure would like to hear our Congress address calls for Genocide of a people. Will they tweet their support?

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  67. the statement that "discrimination against Whites in this country is now as big, if not bigger, than against blacks".Surprisingly, 25 % of blacks agreed.I suspect a large percentage of blacks misunderstood the statement as worded and answered randomly, with the usual bias towards agreeing.

  68. Hofe – Were only 25% into the regular season so give it a little more time bro.I thought CK7 looked good out there today.Do you think CK7′s playing time was a Harbaugh/Roman ploy, to get Alex to step up his game? Or is it something else?MC had a weak game today. Manningham lookin good.

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